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Flash animated desktop wallpaper installation
>download & unzip a zip file to your computer > go to your Display Properties > Desktop tab > click Browse > browse to your unzipped files > choose .htm file > Open > Apply > DONE

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Macromedia Flash MX for Microsoft® Windows --

Macromedia Flash MX is the professional standard authoring tool for producing high-impact Web experiences.
Whether you are creating animated logos, Web site navigation controls, long-form animations,
entire Flash Web sites, or Web applications, you'll find the power and flexibility of
Flash ideal for your own creativity.

  • The following hardware and software are required to author Flash movies:
    For Microsoft® Windows:
    An Intel Pentium 200 MHz or equivalent processor running Windows 98 SE,
    Windows ME,
    Windows NT 4.0,
    Windows 2000, or
    Windows XP Graphic Design Portal
    with Graphics Software Resources
    and Desktop Publishing.
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