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01# interactive multimedia, animated desktop wallpaper

Loose connections and majestic rotational movement define this strange computational organism named Sea Thing. CLICK individual units of the sea thing to separate them. Like many things in the deep sea, the Sea Thing is actually a collection of individually aware objects. The only connections between objects of the Sea Thing are a single graphic line and a rotational synchronization. The camera will attempt to keep the last disconnected object in view, while much of the rest of the original Sea Thing may eventually swim off. Is this the consequence of free-agency? Half the fun of programming these things is naming them.

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02# interactive multimedia, animated desktop wallpaper

This system explores the way a line defines space. There is almost no user interaction. Ten self-similar Line objects slowly draw themselves as oscillating variable height platforms. Once the Line reaches a certain length, it begins to push itself backward while continuing to draw. Eventually the drawing process comes to a slow halt and fades away. This project was generated within the space of the surreal fantasy art terms. The structures to the left are adhoc networks of connected node objects. Each node is capable of searching for and making connections, and negotiating forces recieved through connections. This system is simplified in that kinematic forces travel in one direction only. This enforces a kind of head-to-toe structure in which upstream nodes have more determination and influence than downstream nodes.

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Flash animated desktop wallpaper installation
Recommended desktop sizes for "normal" (4:3) aspect ratio monitors:
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Tips & Definitions:
Desktop environment: In graphical computing, a desktop environment (DE) offers a complete graphical user interface (GUI) solution to operate a computer. The name is derived from the desktop metaphor used by most of these interfaces. A DE provides icons, toolbars, applications, applets, and abilities like drag and drop. As a whole, the particularities of design and function of a desktop environment endow it with a distinctive look and feel. On systems running the X Window System (typically Unix systems), the desktop environment is much more flexible. In this context, a DE typically consists of a window manager, a set of themes, and programs and libraries for managing the desktop. All of these individual modules can be exchanged and individually configured to achieve a unique combination, but most desktop environments provide a default configuration that requires minimal user input. The desktop environments for the popular operating systems Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X are, in their intended use, relatively static.

This assures a consistent user experience. However, there are alternative themes and third-party software that can completely change both the appearance of common interface elements such as windows, buttons and icons and the interface model itself (in Windows this is accomplished by replacing the default Explorer shell). Not all of the program code that is part of a DE has effects which are directly visible to the user. Some of it may be low-level code. KDE, for example, provides so-called io slaves which give the user access to a wide range of virtual devices. These io slaves are not available outside the KDE environment. Well-known desktop environments examples (specially for Unices), include GNOME, KDE, CDE and Xfce; however, a number of other desktop environments also exist, including (but not limited to): EDE, UDE, ROX Desktop, GEM, PerlTop, XPde, Xito, 4dwm and arm0nia. Some window managers also include elements reminiscent of those found in desktop environments, most prominently Enlightenment.

Computer display: Nineteen inch (48 cm) CRT computer monitorA computer display, monitor or screen is a computer peripheral device capable of showing still or moving images generated by a computer and processed by a graphics card. Monitors generally conform to one or more display standards. Sometimes the name "display" is preferred to the word "monitor", as the latter is perceived to be ambiguous alongside the other senses of "monitor" meaning "machine-level debugger" or "thread synchronization mechanism". Computer displays are sometimes called heads, especially when talking about how many are connected to a computer. Computer displays have also been known as visual display units or VDUs. Technologies As with television, several different hardware technologies exist for displaying the actual image: Cathode ray tube (CRT) Liquid crystal display (LCD). They can receive TV and computer bands (SVGA, PAL, SECAM; NTSC). Plasma display (rarely seen) Video projector A modern CRT display has considerable flexibility: it can often handle all resolutions from 640 by 480 pixels (640480) up to 2048 by 1536 pixels (20481536) with 32-bit colour and a variety of refresh rates. The sharpness of a display is described by its dot pitch. In general, the lower the dot pitch, (e.g. .24), the sharper the picture will be.

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