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05# interactive multimedia, animated desktop wallpaper

In this abstract computational construction, a line is drawn using an infinite collection of self-similar node objects. A single cursor position is moved about arbitrarily on the main stage. Self-initializing nodes are instantiated at a rate of about 30 per second. Nodes are drawn to the current cursor position and stay put once they have reached it. After some time (about 3 seconds), the nodes begin to lose grip and fall from their positions, fading as they go. Once completely faded out, nodes automatically remove themselves from the construct. This was created as an exercise to test system performance. It sure would be nice if the line actually drew something recognizable, but as it is, all shapes of higher form are purely coincidental.

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06# desktop game
interactive multimedia, animated desktop wallpaper

Objective: This is a fast board game; you have to click on adjacent colored diamonds to remove them. Time is running fast and adds a new line of diamonds at the bottom.

Flash games can be used as stand alone applications as well.

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Flash animated desktop wallpaper installation
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flash animated desktop wallpapers, high-rez desktop screensavers, free desktop games downloads

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