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29# interactive multimedia, animated desktop wallpaper

This single, recursive structure morphs from one combinatoric spiral to another as it spins into a seemingly random vortex. Initially, the structure is created using individual, rotating circle outlines, each nested within the other at the relative angle of 137.5 degrees. Each outline is also scaled to 102 percent, giving the entire structure an exponential increase in size.

To add a chromatic balance, outlines are given unique, randomly determined RGB transformations at the time of creation. I find this particular abstraction of the Lorenz Attractor extremely beautiful. At much higher resolutions of 10,000 iterations or more, subsystems exhibiting organic qualities begin to emerge within the structure.

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26# interactive multimedia, animated desktop wallpaper

Three permutations of an iterated transformation. Each spine structure is created by randomly selecting a starting and ending transformation. Frame by frame, the structure is pieced together using the attachMovie() function, each time transposed by the increment determined by the end point transformations divided by the total number of components Each mosaic is generated over time so that shapes placed earlier in the process have more influence on the composition. At a regular interval, a quarter round shape is placed in some empty grid space. The quarter round immediately polls all of its neighbors (existing or not) to determine the mean average color of the region. It then transforms itself to that color and rotates to some random orthogonal orientation.

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Flash animated desktop wallpaper installation
Recommended desktop sizes for "normal" (4:3) aspect ratio monitors:
640x480 :: 800x600 :: *1024x768*:: 1280x1024 :: 1600x1200 :: 1856x1392 :: 1920x1440 :: 2048x1536
Recommended desktop sizes for "widescreen" (16:9) monitors:
1680x1050 2520x1575 3360x2100 :: non standard widescreen ::

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Tips & Definitions:
Interactive movies in Flash: Flash lets you create interactive movies, in which your audience can use the keyboard or the mouse to jump to different parts of a movie, move objects, enter information in forms, and perform many other operations. You create interactive movies by scripting actions using ActionScript. For more information, see Creating Interaction with ActionScript. For complete information on using ActionScript to create advanced interactivity, see the online ActionScript Dictionary in the Help menu.
Creating interaction overview: In simple animation, Macromedia Flash MX plays the scenes and frames of a movie sequentially. In an interactive movie, your audience uses the keyboard and mouse to jump to different parts of a movie, move objects, enter information in forms, and perform many other interactive operations. You use ActionScript to create scripts that tell Flash what action to perform when an event occurs. Some events that can trigger a script occur when the playhead reaches a frame, when a movie clip loads or unloads, or when the user clicks a button or presses keys on the keyboard.
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Scripts can consist of a single action, such as instructing a movie to stop playing, or a series of actions, such as first evaluating a condition and then performing an action. Many actions are simple and let you create basic controls for a movie. Other actions require some familiarity with programming languages and are intended for advanced development. plication development in Flash. Flash provides movie clips with defined parameters, called components, to aid in developing rich user experiences in Flash movies. Each built-in Flash component has its own unique set of ActionScript methods that allow you to set and change the authoring parameters and additional options at runtime. By combining the easy drop-in capabilities of the predefined components with the powerful capabilities of ActionScript, you can create fully functional applications on the Web. For more information on components, see Using Components.

Screensaver programs were originally designed to help avoid these effects by automatically changing the images on the screen when the computer was not in use. They can be usually set up to launch automatically, waiting a specified amount of time after the last keystroke made by a user. Then the screensaver switches the image to black, or sometimes produces some animation effects, thus avoiding any "fixed" images. The screensaver remains active until a user enters a keystroke or makes a mouse movement. At that moment, the screensaver closes and the former screen contents are restored, to allow the user to work again. Modern CRTs are much less susceptible to burn-in than older models. Flat panel displays are used in all laptop computers and are gradually replacing CRTs on the desktop. Flat panels are burn-in resistant because they use a fluorescent bulb or similar light source instead of an electron beam. For this reason, screensavers today primarily are decorative or for entertainment, and usually feature moving images or patterns and sometimes sound effects. Screensaver software also has been adapted as security measure. Many screensavers can be programmed to ask users for a password (called "locking the workstation"), before permitting the user to resume work. In addition, some screensavers activate a useful background task, such as a virus scan or a distributed computing application. Screensavers are not to be confused with power management features, which place the computer in a low power state after it has been idle for a specified amount of time. In fact, screensavers can actually waste power, because they can prevent the computer from entering the lower power (or sleep) state, and they often cause the CPU and GPU to perform more calculations, and keep the hard disk running for longer than if the computer were idle.

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