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12# interactive multimedia, animated desktop wallpaper

The Lorenz Attractor is a solution to a set of differential equations originally developed to model small scale atmospheric behavior. Plotted, the results of the system produce unusual visualizations of deterministic chaos. Typically, a point is moved through three dimensional space by a system of three transforming equations. Regardless of where the point begins, it always falls into the pattern as approximated above. This implementation processes only the first 1500 iterations of the Lorenz Attractor. The Lorenz Attractor is often attributed to Ed. Lorenz, who presented a paper to the New York Academy of Science in 1963 as the butterfly effect. There is no user interaction.

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13# desktop game
interactive multimedia, animated desktop wallpaper

Space shooter is an action game. Use your arrow keys to manipulate your spaceship. Click the space bar to open fire. Kill as many enemies as possible to move to the next level. This game doesn't require any brain activity, but might be handy when you wait a file download or you phone call on hold.

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Tips & Definitions:
Video game properties have had mixed success when migrating to the movies. One of the first films based on a video game property was The Wizard, which some criticized as a 90-minute ad for Super Mario Brothers 3. In the mid-90s, films for Super Mario Brothers, Street Fighter, Wing Commander and Mortal Kombat were released. Reviews have generally been poor. Despite the ultimately poor performance of these movies, many studios still want to turn big games into movies, hoping that the popularity of the game will help the movie. However, after the initial bunch, many projects materialized that were never finished, but the success of films like Lara Croft: Tomb Raider has led to more films materializing. Doom, a game which film makers were trying to cross over since the mid 90s is finally going into production. John Woo is also producing a movie on the popular Nintendo game, Metroid. However, there is still debate in the movie industry on whether video games can be turned into good, profitable movies. Films like Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, which has received mixed responses from audiences, with some saying it is a great movie, and others saying it is a very bad movie with excellent computer-generated imagery, but ultimately flopped in the box office, and Uwe Boll's House of the Dead and Alone in the Dark, which both ended up being horrible flops both in fan reactions and box office success and both ending up on the IMDB's bottom 100 movies, do not, in turn, give much confidence in whether these movies will be handled seriously. On the other hand, video games get much more success when adapted into cartoons/animes. Some notables examples of major success includes the various Mario Bros. cartoons, Sonic SatAM, Captain N: The Game Master and Earthworm Jim while Sonic Underground, the American Mega Man cartoon and 4Kids' dubs (although this isn't limited to their video game-based dubs) are cited as being poor. Sometime, they even "help" more obscure/Japan-only games pick up popularity in America although rarely; To Heart would be the best example of such thing.

Movies have had far more success moving the other direction, onto video games. Most summer blockbuster films now have a simultaneous video game release; some of the most lucrative video games of recent times are based on movies, such as Electronic Arts' Lord of the Rings series of games, and Activision's two Spider-Man movie games. Even though movies have had more success in game convertion, not all movie games are good. Some developers believe that the success of the movie will help the game sell, so may not try hard to make a compelling game. Some examples of this are the Catwoman and King Arthur movie games. Also, video games have found themselves on MTV2, in a popular show called Video Mod, where characters from popular video games perform songs from hit artists, such as characters from The Sims 2 performing the song "Stacy's Mom" by Fountains Of Wayne. On the Internet, gaming has also become a popular subject of many webcomics. Currently there are two varieties. The first one is the Sprite Comic, such as 8 Bit Theatre, in which the artist uses sprites from a video game to tell stories. Sometimes these are original stories, but are often parodies of the game in which the sprite came from. The other is a more traditional comic strip, containing original art, like Penny Arcade. Here, the storylines or jokes revolve around current events in video gaming. The success of Penny Arcade has attracted many people in the industry, including Ubi Soft. Other parodies have come in the form of amateur videos, such as those of Mega 64. In Germany, the TV channel NBC Europe broadcasts a show called GIGA, which turned more and more into a video and computer game show. In the show, new games are presented and reviewed. Lately, the show featured the esports scene a lot, by introducing professional players to the audience and broadcasting live competition matches.

Wireless: Wireless was an old-fashioned term for a radio receiver, referring to its use as a wireless telegraph. The term is widely used to describe modern wireless connections such as wireless broadband internet. History The founding principles and inventions of wireless technology can be found in the lectures and patent record of the electrical engineer Nikola Tesla and in his 1916 deposition on the history of wireless and radio technology. For more on the history of radio transmission, please see Radio: Invention and history. Modern usage In modern usage, the term refers to communication without cables or cords, chiefly using radio frequency and infrared waves. Common uses include the various communications defined by the IrDA and the wireless networking of computers. Low-powered radio waves, such as those used in networking to transmit data between devices, are often unregulated. High powered transmission sources usually require government licenses to broadcast on a specific wavelength. The wireless platform has historically carried voice and has grown into a large industry, carrying many thousands of broadcasts around the world. wireless network: Wireless networks are telephone or computer networks that use radio as their carrier or physical layer. Wireless LAN - local area networks Wireless PAN - personal area networks GSM - Global standard for digital mobile communication, common in most countries except South Korea and Japan PCS - Personal communication system - not a single standard, this covers both CDMA and GSM networks operating at 1900 MHz in North America Mobitex - pager-based network in the USA and Canada, built by Ericsson, now used by PDAs such as the Palm VII and Research in Motion BlackBerry GPRS - General Packet Radio Service, upgraded packet-based service within the GSM framework, gives higher data rates and always-on service UMTS - Universal Mobile Telephone Service (3rd generation cell phone network), based on the W-CDMA radio access network AX.25 - amateur packet radio NMT - Nordic Mobile Telephony, analog system originally developed by PTTs in the Nordic countries AMPS - America Mobile Phone System D-AMPS - Digital AMPS, also known as TDMA

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