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07# interactive multimedia, animated desktop wallpaper

The CA Worm is an expanding construction of a one-dimensional cellular automata. Each successive row of the automata is rotated and enlarged just slightly from the last. The result is a worm-like form, interestingly textured with a bitwise logic. CLICK anywhere above to change the CA rule set and restart the worm growth. figure a. some example rulesets from Wolfram's 8-bit cellular automata method (with initial random conditions). Cellular automata are discreet dynamical systems with simple construction but complex emergent behavior. This particular implementation of CA is based on Wolfram's 8-bit Class 4 CA, using ruleset 114. The bits lit on each successive line of the CA are based on the lit bits of the previous lines. A similar cellular automata exists as a continually evolving interactive ring.

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07# desktop game
interactive multimedia, animated desktop wallpaper

Objective: It's a very straight forward ball game. Hit the blue and orange bricks to eliminate them all. This game doesn't require any brain activity, but might be handy when you wait a file download or you phone call on hold.

Flash games can be used as stand alone applications as well.

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Flash animated desktop wallpaper installation
Recommended desktop sizes for "normal" (4:3) aspect ratio monitors:
640x480 :: 800x600 :: *1024x768*:: 1280x1024 :: 1600x1200 :: 1856x1392 :: 1920x1440 :: 2048x1536
Recommended desktop sizes for "widescreen" (16:9) monitors:
1680x1050 2520x1575 3360x2100 :: non standard widescreen ::

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flash animated desktop wallpapers, high-rez desktop screensavers, free desktop games downloads

Tips & Definitions:
Flash: An animated graphics technology and format from Macromedia. Macromedia's Flash MX and Freehand applications, as well as many other third-party authoring programs, generate Flash files, which can be viewed through a Web browser plug-in (the Flash player) or multimedia applications that access the player directly. Flash files can include sound. Flash uses the .FLA file extension for source files and .SWF extension for the Flash "movie" that is created and played. Flash files are widely used on the Web because the SWF format is very space-efficient. Other movie files (AVI, MPG, etc. ) files are massive by comparison and are not designed for interaction. Originally, the SWF extension meant "ShockWave Flash," which has confused people, because Shockwave is another Macromedia format created by its Director software. Shockwave files use the .DCR extension. Today, Macromedia calls the SWF format the "Small Web Format." Flash supports vector graphics images, which scale with the application window as it is resized. Animation is choreographed using one or more sequential timelines in which actions and interactions are defined. See Shockwave and vector graphics.

Shockwave A 3D animation and interactive learning technology and format from Macromedia. Macromedia Director generates Shockwave files, which can be viewed through a Web browser plug-in (the Shockwave player) or multimedia applications that access the player directly. Shockwave is used to develop more sophisticated animations and interactions than Macromedia's Flash format. Shockwave uses the .DIR (DIRector) file extension for source files and .DCR extension for the Shockwave "movie" that is created and played. See Flash, Shockmachine and shocked site.

Telecommunication is the extension of communication over a distance. In practice it also recognizes that something may be lost in the process; hence the term 'telecommunication' covers all forms of distance and/or conversion of the original communications, including radio, telegraphy, television, telephony, data communication and computer networking. The elements of a telecommunication system are a transmitter, a medium (line) and possibly a channel imposed upon the medium (see baseband and broadband as well as multiplexing), and a receiver. The transmitter is a device that transforms or encodes the message into a physical phenomenon; the signal. The transmission medium, by its physical nature, is likely to modify or degrade the signal on its path from the transmitter to the receiver. The receiver has a decoding mechanism capable of recovering the message within certain limits of signal degradation. In some cases, the final "receiver" is the human eye and/or ear (or in some extreme cases other sense organs) and the recovery of the message is done by the brain (see psychoacoustics.) Telecommunication can be point-to-point, point-to-multipoint or broadcasting, which is a particular form of point-to-multipoint that goes only from the transmitter to the receivers. One of the roles of the telecommunications engineer is to analyse the physical properties of the line or transmission medium, and the statistical properties of the message in order to design the most effective encoding and decoding mechanisms. When systems are designed to communicate through human sense organs (mainly vision and hearing), physiological and psychological characteristics of human perception will be taken into account. This has important economic implications and engineers will research what defects may be tolerated in the signal yet not affect the viewing or hearing experience too badly. Examples of human (tele)communications In a simplistic example, consider a normal conversation between two people. The message is the sentence that the speaker decides to communicate to the listener. The transmitter is the language areas in the brain, the motor cortex, the vocal cords, the larynx, and the mouth that produce those sounds called speech.

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